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Dr. Shilpa seeks to make social environment better by connecting individuals and groups with information and resources, which will cultivate healthy attitude and behaviour promoting health supporting system and fostering a culture that values and focuses on complete health.


As health psychologist work in a widely variety os settings includng hospitals, health care clinics, private corporations and universities. She has enlightened with her complete sense of knowledge in settings that specialize in a particular area of health care such as oncology, pain management, women’s health and rehabilitation program. As health psychologists worked in government settings, administrated community health programs and influenced public policy.


  • COO (Chief Operation officer) – INDIA , Nutridynamics.

  • The American Soccer Academy, RUSH.

  • President of Naturopathy Journal name “NATUROPATHY AND YOGIC SCIENCES”
  • General Secretary of INTERNATIONAL NATUROPATHY ORGANISATION ( I.N.O.), Maharashtra (N-W Zone), INDIA
  • WNF – Committee Member of  World  Naturopathy
  • Knowledge News(ISSN-2231-0150), An International Journal of Idea, Core Committee Board member.
  • ICNM (Paris) International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine – Board Member


  • Excellent command over language and good headhunting skills
  • Easy to interact with people management skills
  • Proven excellence in recruitments and target achievements
  • Hands on experience in handling end to end recruitment
  • Expertise in client interactions and client servicing
  • Rapport building initiatives and aggressive follow up skills
  • Time and database management
  • Exposure to employee engagement, employee relations and Learning & Development function


Naturopathy And Yoga Life Style Research Invention For 1000 Students.

Intervention Extended To Family And School Teacher And Staff.

Conducted intervention programme in M.K.E.S English school

(British Council), Mumbai



Significance achievement and Awards

  1. Presented and won Best Research Award at FRANCE.

On Naturopathy Medicine Research Award for Advancing Naturopathy Research for GLOBAL   COMMUNITY. 2014 July.

2. AWARD OF EXCELLENCE for outstanding performance towards yoga

and  naturopathy by INO

3. Presented oral prize paper presentation on “Right to live healthy “

at International Conference on Yoga & Naturopathy-2014 December.

4. RJPBCS ( January – March 2013) Research Centre of Dr Khataov ( Paediatrician ), Mumbai

“To study effect of Natural   Diet on Haemoglobin of children age group 2-6 yrs. – positively link to global warming.”( ISSN 0975 – 8585) January-March 2013, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Pg. No. 1165

5. Tajesvini Award from Anavil Association. MUMBAI 

6. Awarded from Rotary club and Inner Wheel club for the Best Project of

the year –  project CAREER IN SIGHT

7.  Awarded “ Jhansi ki Rani “  – Bnaras Hindu University – Kashi

As a Health psychologist, I have worked in a wide variety of settings including hospitals, health care clinics, private corporations and universities. I have enlightened with my complete sense of knowledge in settings that specialize in a particular area of health care such as oncology, pain management, women’s health, smoking, alcohol addiction and rehabilitation programs. Worked in government settings as a health psychologist and administered community health programs or influencing public policy.

Job Profile entails:

  • Appointed as an Administrator Counsellor in ASPEE GROUP OF SCHOOLS
  • Appointed as a Research Consultant for developing organic recipes for ECO FARMS (INDIAN) 
  • Worked as family Consultant for Diet & Counselling (CELLO WRITING INSTRUMENT Pvt. Ltd.) from the year 2005-2012
  • Conducted intervention programme in K.E.S English school (British Council), Project Title: GO—IN –GREENEXCHANGE with BRITISH COUNCIL
  • Conducted programme cum workshop for (ASPEE GROUP OF COMPANIES)
  • Working as a Sole Counsellor for (SHREE NUTAN KELVANI MANDAL SCHOOL)
  • Stress Management Programme for P-Ward school Principal’s Department of Education,Mumbai
  • Conducted ISO teachers’ training workshop
  • Conducted a workshop especially for Doctors and Professionals
  • Worked as a Consultant Naturopath with a physician & a surgeon for 2 years
  • Given lectures on yoga and nutrition
  • Dealt with acute cases of Pulmonary Fibrosis, Ulcerative Colitis & Epileptic Children.
  • Given natural balance diet programme to schools:
  • a) Aspee Nutan School, Malad, Mumbai.
  • b) M.K.E.S English School, Malad, Mumbai.
  • c) N.L.School, Malad, Mumbai.
  • d) N.M. College,Vile Parle, Mumbai.
  • Held workshop on“ LIVE-ON QUOTIENT” with a Jr. college
  • Rendered behavioural training for excellence, academics, relationships, communication and leadership
  • Held “Live on” programme at corporate level
  • Given ISO certified training to teachers on ‘Human Touch’ programme
  • Undertook projects on various topics like DISCOVER YOURSELF & PVG (Purpose, Vision and Goal) Training
  • Held workshop on various topic like:
  • (a) Nutrition in daily life
  • (b) Grow healthy with age
  • (c ) Healthy Body vs. Healthy Mind
  • Operating “GO IN GREEN”, Awareness Club especially for children & parents with paediatrician Dr. Susan Fernandes
  • Go-IN-GREEN – Good Health Programme of NATUROPATHY with NIN – Ayush Ministry of Health Sciences, Govt. of India
  • Resource person forPRASHIKSHAN OF KISHORI VIKAS, Swami Vivekananda Trust, Maharashtra and Goa State. Trained 200 teachers for Female Education Enhenacement programme
  • ISE British Council – Workshop on “Health & Generation” for parents and children of N.L High School, Gujrati Medium-2013
  • Visiting faculty at:
  • a) Parera Children Hospital, as a Health Psychologist (2011-2012)
  • b) Vinayaka Maternity and Nursing Home General Hospital (2009-2013)
  • C) Khatav Child Care and Research Centre (2011-2012)


  • Presented paper on “Physical Education and Sports Science” at National Conference organized by Global Human Research & Welfare Society
  • Presented and won Best Research Award in France for the topic GLOBAL COMMUNITY
  • Presented article paper on “Female Infanticide”
  • Presented research paper at International Conference at Rajasthan on “Issues and Challenges in Higher Education”
  • Presented research paper and awarded for the Best Presentation at National Conference on the topic RECESSION AND ITS IMPACT ON FAMILY at SSVP Management College, Dhulia
  • Presented research paper on the topic of Naturopathy and Yoga – Recent Research Trend at JINDAL NATURE CURE INSTITUTE
  • Presented experimental research paper at seminar on“Society, Politics and Climate Change” held at N. L. College, Mumbai in 2013
  • Successfully handled cases of acute respiratory diseases
  • Developed organic food & recipes that has a Brand Name Shilpa’s Earth Magic
  • Conducting Discover Your Self (DYS ) Educational Programme with 100% results


 Paper Published

  1. Entire Research Journal (May 2012) -“Child Abbreviation & Parental Behaviour” e – Research Journal (ISSN 9075-5020), Vol-02, Issue-4
  2. International research journal (July 2012) -“to study parental awareness related to physical fitness of children of age group 10-12 years – positively linked to global warming” –  presented on ‘Physical Education and Sports Science’ – (ISSN-2231-0150) – ‘KNOWLEDGE  NEWS’ Vol-002, Issue 002, Pg no-359-362
  3. RJPBCS ( January-March 2013) -“to study effect of Natural Diet on Haemoglobin of children of age group 2-6 yrs. – positively linked to global warming.” ISSN (0975 – 8585) January-March 2013, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Pg. No. 1165
  4. International Research Journal KNOWLEDGE NEWS (Jan 2014) -Female Infanticide — selected for January 2013 Publication (ISSN-2231-0150), Vol. 004, Issue-1, Pg no-7-10
  5. The International Institute for Science Technology and Education (IISTE) (Jan 2013) -“a study of the transitional state of vernacular students at Jr. college level” – selected for publication