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Introduction to Yoga:

According to The Bhagavad Gita, “Yoga is a skill in action” But this is not intended to mean action in just the narrow sense of physical movement. It consists of exercises for improving the “Skill” of your body which also has techniques that act on your mind and emotions, and provides a complete philosophy of living.

Yoga is also the key to good health and happiness in today’s world. Drugs and surgical techniques have lead to the eradication of most infectious diseases and the control of many metabolic disorders. But these techniques are less than effective against the new and ever-more-common causes of ill health-chronic stress and psychosomatic ailments.

Yoga and Health:

Yoga therapy is based on ancient Indian beliefs about human existence. In this philosophy there are five “sheaths” to existence. The physical frame is only the first. The second is the vital body that is made up of prana, the life energy that flows through you in invisible channels known as nadis. The third is the mind (your emotions and thought), the fourth is the higher intellect (perfect thought and knowledge), and the final sheath is the “abode of bliss”. The bliss sheath consists of positive energy that is associated with the divine. It is from this sheath that the inner peace essential to true happiness emanates.

Disease is seen to arise through imbalance in any of the three lower sheaths of existence. When you are truly healthy, the positive energy in the highest sheath percolates freely through the lower ones and brings total harmony and balance to all your faculties. But though the harmony of the higher sheaths is constant, the free movement of bliss can be blocked by imbalances in the lower sheaths. In time, it is possible to “feel” both prana and bliss without knowing whether they are independent energies or simply the expression or complex psychological phenomena and by “feeling” and manipulating prana, yogis achieve a remarkable control over their bodies that can readily be confirmed by scientific tests.

Yoga also helps prevent the occurrence of ailments and diseases, by improving your general health and making you less accident- prone.

According to Indian beliefs, some ailments are thought to be caused by mental diseases called adhis. These arise when excessively strong feelings of like or dislike become amplified and established, acting to distort, personality and to obstruct the flow of positive energy to the lower sheaths. This causes imbalances that result in physical ailments and also makes you feel restless and discontent.

The inner peace is generated by the positive energy from the “bliss” sheath. When the flow of this energy is interrupted by the adhis, your sense of wellbeing is diminished and, in your attempt to regain it, you may be further aggravating the problem by behaving inappropriately.

With psychosomatic ailments, yoga provides the vital elements that modern therapies lack and acts directly on the mental imbalances that underlie them. Practices facilitate the restoration of health at other levels as well. This effectively compliments medial techniques, which improve the situation physically but are unable to eradicate the primary cause of problem.


The Five Sheaths Of Existence.
Each Successive sheath includes
And transcends those inside it.
The outermost is beyond time and space.

  • Physical body
  • Vital body (prana)
  • Mind (lower mental)
  • Intellect (higher metal)
  • Bliss (universal consciousness)

What We Offer:

  • Pranayam: To help you learn to control your respiration for a calm life.
  • Yoga: To help you attain long term peace and health.

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