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What is counseling?

There are some popular definitions of counseling:

  • Counseling is guidance: It’s a method of identifying practical solution to an identified problem in humans. The most common form of psychotherapy is personal contact between therapist and patient.
  • Sensitive topics are discussed during psychotherapy and therapists are expected, and usually legally bound, to respect patient privacy and client confidentiality.
  • Counseling is a type of psychotherapy which helps people to resolve their problems by discussion.
  • Counseling is a process where patients receive help in dealing with personal and interpersonal conflicts by therapist.
  • Counseling helps a person resolve their conscious conflicts, focusing on problem solving. A variety of techniques are used during counseling, including verbal communication. A counselors training background may be a form of variety of fields, including education, healthcare and psychology.
  • The aim of such sessions is to reach an informed decision with extensive one- to- one sessions carried out by trained staff.

What We Offer:

  • Parent: Complete counseling for better parenting.
  • Child: To understand your child better.
  • Personal: For overall self improvement.
  • Group: To improve yourself with the help of others.
  • Health: To help your body function better.
  • Academic: To help cope with academic difficulties.