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Rush Soccer Academy

Education Consultant Rush Academy – Dr.Shilpa Desai

Rush Soccer, represents over 34,000 youth soccer players nationwide.    We are committed to the development of healthy youth through the game of soccer. With a firm belief in the value of sports in promoting the physical, mental and social well-being of our children, Rush Soccer is devoted to providing our members the finest soccer experience possible, teaching the fundamental skills of the game and developing athletes through organized leagues, teams, tournaments, training, coaches and athletic facilities

Global Weight Loss – Weight Management Program

COO (Chief Operating Officer) – India

Bharati Vidyapeeth University

C4 takes complete pride in announcing its conjunction with Bharati Vidyapeeth University, one of the finest Universities in India that still stands firm with its name held high after 49 years. The mission, it has defined, is to bring about intellectual awakening of people through the spread of education and to prepare human resources for all-round development, particularly economy of the country.


The Holiday Studio

C4 is proud to announce its official association with The Holiday Studio for all outdoor and adventure trips. They are a travel & adventure company, who specialize in offbeat holidays in unexplored and exotic destinations in India. Break free from the shackles of crowded & touristy spots in India and get ready to experience the NEW. Their goal is to unravel and introduce you to pristine destinations and create only the coolest holidays for you.


S.P. Jain
The American Soccer Academy